two cents

Lately I'm ashamed to be conservative

As a conservative, for better or worse, I have historically agreed with much of what Rush Limbaugh has to say. I know many of you find that hard to believe, but it's true. His cornerstones are some of the same as mine - limited government, free markets, faith-based initiatives, protection of private property, etc.

But I deplore his recent actions in Ohio and Texas, and what he's also trying to pull in Pennsylvania.

If you haven't heard, he has the most listened to talk radio show on the planet. He is remarkably influential, and recently initiated "Operation Chaos", where he asks his loyal listeners to forego the republican primaries, register as Democrats to vote for Hillary. Many think she will be easier for McCain to take down in the general election.

So they cast a vote for someone they DON'T want to win in order to disrupt the process. This is just plain wrong, some even saying it's borderline illegal.

What happened to honesty and integrity as cornerstones of conservatism? These actions are divisive, spiteful, and shameful, especially so for the party that is based on personal responsibility and, for many, faith-based values.

These dirty tricks are exactly the type of thing people are sick of in politics. This is why people are disassociating themselves from supposed "conservatives" and leaving the Republican party in droves.

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