two cents

Death = Taxes

Happy April 15th, the beautiful spring day where we are reminded how our fine government takes our money, holds it for a year (with no interest, of course), gives it back like it's a gift, then taxes that as "income" next year. Yes, the day where we remember how inefficient and difficult the government can be. Where we are forced through an impossible labyrinth of forms and files to figure out just how much the Government will penalize our productivity.

Truly, today is the day where we should take a good, hard look at that bottom line figure of what we paid over the past year and burn it into our brain so we will remember next time we vote.

The image is from Boortz/Linder Fair tax book, which I tend to think is a good idea. It may not be a perfect solution, but it is much better than the system we have now. Learn more about the fair tax at

And don't forget that bottom-line figure...