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The Hand Written Word

My good friend Nathan started something quite interesting - thehandwrittenword.

From the site:
We're writing out the Bible by hand. 1 chapter a day until we're done. We're using different translations. We're writing in 5.25"x8.25" notebooks. We'll post photos of our pages online. If you want to join, let us know.

Day 1 (Genesis 1) has already been posted.

I think it's brilliant for a number of reasons. For one, you can often retain things better when you write them out. In addition it's a community participatory thing, with low barrier to entry (you must be able to write), and you could theoretically after 3 years end up with a book you can treasure for generations to come.

My handwriting is atrocious and I know enough about myself to realize I won't go the distance. But I may jump in on an easy book down the line.