two cents

Girl Talk is blowing my mind...

Seriously. Every 30 seconds my head explodes.

Recipe for an instant party - put this album on, press play.

Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis) just released another album of super-amazing, ass-shaking, crowd-pleasing DJ tracks. Basically he mixes every song you have ever loved into something magical. He switches it up a ton, it's always unexpected, and pretty much every time it will make you smile. As I write this he mixed busta rhymes, metallica, jay-z, tom petty, garbage, Brittney Spears, Prince, and the Beatles. And that was in a single track. The main vocal track is usually pretty hardcore rap, so if you're sensitive to language, beware.

Feed the Animals is available from you can set your own price. At different price points you get different perks. Hurry before they decide to pull it.