two cents

Energy from Scrap

From the Daily Mail:
A student has built a wind turbine from scrap to help people in the developing world.

Max Robson, 22, constructed a prototype using rubbish collected from skips, tips and bins including an old bike frame and wheel bearings, the magneto from a Vespa, a battery from a Ford Fiesta and bits of wood.

Love this.

On a similar note, I love the idea of turning any sort of "wasted" energy into usable energy. Playpumps (noted before) is along these same lines. I've been trying to brainstorm other energy that is "wasted" - even down to the chair i sit in and the pressure that's exerted from me and gravity. It'd be tough to harvest, but it is technically wasted right now, right? (I call this type of talking about stuff i dont know about "Armchair Science").

But that's another reason this article intrigues me - finding cheap, innovative ways to harvest "wasted" energy...

8/22 update - just ran across this article about research that might be able to convert heat from asphalt into usable energy