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Charity: Water, Twitter, and the way we connect these days

I first heard about Charity: Water through my church, but recently read more from Mashable and TechDarling:
On September 18th 2008, Mashable’s Twitter followers donated $3536 to Charity:Water, an initiative to build wells in Ethiopia. On the same day, our Twitter friend Paul Young raised a further $637 through his Twitter and Facebook accounts. And Twitter user Sarah Townsend hauled in $400 - that’s more than $4500, almost exclusively from Twitter, in a single day. With $4000 buying an entire well to supply water to 200 people for 20 years, we can truly call this the “well that Twitter built”.
Incredible idea for a cause and how to fund it, incredible ideas to use these technologies to spread the word, and incredible success all around. How can we continue to use these technologies to make a difference? More on Charity: Water below

The September Campaign Trailer - from charity: water on Vimeo.

I'm inspired that he started this at 32 and is only 33 now. Gives me hope! More on Charity:Water