two cents


A good friend and I decided to do an experiment. What would happen if we tracked the lies told by this years presidential candidates and their campaigns from the conventions until voting day? Would that tell us anything about them and their parties? Perhaps it will, perhaps it won't - but certainly it is an interesting perspective for this election.

So we started

Counting lies won't tell the whole story, to be sure. Gross hypocrisy is not an outright lie, for example. It does a poor job of gauging intention. It doesnt measure waffling on issues, temperament, leadership qualifications, or poor policy formulation. Regardless, it is important to keep these people accountable for their words. After all, they're interviewing for arguably the hardest job in the world...

In the week that it's been launched, there have been various other reports discussing the role that lies have played in the campaigns this year. I think we're on the right track. As Nathan pointed out
"An imperfect system to be sure, but certainly valuable...sort of like America's political system."

Would love if you participated in the conversation and/or submit whoppers you've heard.