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Idee's multicolr search lab is really fun to play with. Choose a color and it finds creative common photos containing it. You can even select multiple colors. Fun to play with.

Playing For Change: Song Around the World

Wish their mission statement was more clear, but Playing for Change is a neat concept. They went around the world and had different musicians record different tracks. Fantastic.

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New Five Euro Commemorative Coin


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Did you know?

A Visual Guide to the Financial Crisis

Fascinating and very well done. Check it out.

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Do the test - sequel

The people behind the original do the test video posted about before have a new one up. Still managed to surprise. Well done.

Are we human?

I freely admit that I like the Killers. Alot. This set is really incredible, and works well with the song (which I like. alot.) It should be noted that the cool hunter suggests it is very similar to this one, but both are still worth seeing.

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New Life

Charlotte Sarah Centofante born november 8 at 1:13 am 8lbs 2oz and totally amazing. Happy birthday to us!


The Power of Now

Sprint's new ad-site for mobile broadband called The Power of Now is pretty neat. Deliberate info overload, but fascinating and awe-inspiring - even for a blatant marketing piece.

Maybe I'm just a sucker for info graphics?

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Vote today. You really should. Even if it's for someone you don't totally love. If you wait for the perfect candidate you'll never vote. And forget about "feasibility" or "throwing away your vote". Each vote sends a message. What will yours be?

Verdict: Daytum is awesome...

...i just dont know if i'll ever use it.

Daytum is a super-cool way to display "data sets". You can display whatever data you wish in a number of different ways. It is really well designed and the interface is smooth as silk.

The data sets people enter (including their default ones) are typically very silly - what you're eating for lunch and whatnot.

I can't think of any ways I'll use it regularly, but I can see how people might. Signup for the public beta if you want to get in...

update: note to daytum - why can't we embed these individually? would be quite useful...