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Smart Kid...

Child Bankrupts Make-A-Wish Foundation With Wish For Unlimited Wishes

Table Top Beer Taps

Table Top Beer Taps
by neither_Bug_nor_Crank

Love it! I've always wanted this for soda at my table, and beer's even better.

I have some reservations though. Does this mean you only get one type of beer (the type you're sitting next to)? And doesnt this also mean you're locked to your table? What if you get up and someone taps into it? All these would deter from my typical bar experience...

Still, brilliant.

Link via Rabbit Valley Road


Anybody else worry that they are incompetent but convinced they're not?

It's actually a pretty big fear of mine.

Beer Bricks

I've been thinking lately about how much we waste, and if what we buy was better designed how much good it could do.

Take this Heineken bottle from the 60s.

"Mr. Heineken’s idea came after a visit to the Caribbean where he saw two problems: beaches littered with bottles and a lack of affordable building materials."


Granted, glass bottles may not be the best construction materials, but bow else could we re-engineer products and packaging to serve multiple purposes like this?

Link via Inhabitat

Dinner in the Sky

I admit it. I'm afraid of heights. So Dinner in the Sky might not be for me. I'm sure it'd be an experience of a lifetime, but it might also give me a heart attack.

22 people around the table, high above the location of your choosing, with a gourmet meal prepared in front of you. Ridiculously Expensive. Very, very cool.

stumbled upon it here

Boy, do I love the Onion...

So good...

You can pick up this and other gems at the Onion Store.

Frozen Grand Central

Web designers ARE cool, but...

Something tells me this might just be web designers trying to feel cool about themselves (see: "Web Designers are the new rockstars" intro), but it's still an interesting idea to chart the heat of other things like is done with music.

via the Cool Hunter


Lately I'm ashamed to be conservative

As a conservative, for better or worse, I have historically agreed with much of what Rush Limbaugh has to say. I know many of you find that hard to believe, but it's true. His cornerstones are some of the same as mine - limited government, free markets, faith-based initiatives, protection of private property, etc.

But I deplore his recent actions in Ohio and Texas, and what he's also trying to pull in Pennsylvania.

If you haven't heard, he has the most listened to talk radio show on the planet. He is remarkably influential, and recently initiated "Operation Chaos", where he asks his loyal listeners to forego the republican primaries, register as Democrats to vote for Hillary. Many think she will be easier for McCain to take down in the general election.

So they cast a vote for someone they DON'T want to win in order to disrupt the process. This is just plain wrong, some even saying it's borderline illegal.

What happened to honesty and integrity as cornerstones of conservatism? These actions are divisive, spiteful, and shameful, especially so for the party that is based on personal responsibility and, for many, faith-based values.

These dirty tricks are exactly the type of thing people are sick of in politics. This is why people are disassociating themselves from supposed "conservatives" and leaving the Republican party in droves.

Read more about it on the Raw Story.


BMW ad on the front cover of a magazine?


The glow-in-the-dark ad on the cover of Vice Magazine appears when you shut off the lights.


"The media strategy for the 1 Series is all about short, intense experiences,"
- Esme Rottschafer, group account director at The Media Company,

"Maintaining the integrity of our cover - which is not usually for sale - while delivering a unique and rad brand message for BMW was an amazing challenge."
- Shawn Phelan, director of sales & marketing at Vice's

More here.

I love this stuff...

New Death Cab Album Art

Death Cab for Cutie just announced the new album art and I'm totally loving it. Sorry, low-res only.

I loves Rosa Loves

Rosaloves is a wonderful idea with a super crew of designers bringing it to life.

It works like this: every shirt has a story: illustrated in the tshirt design, and the written out on the inside. Proceeds to help the cause behind the story.

It's a great conversation starter for causes you care about, and a way to tangibly help. Plus the shirts are super-cool to boot.

Their most recent shirts are designed by some of the best around, (also people i am honored to consider as friends), Danny Jones dseigned "Water the Fields" and
Mike Fretto and Aaron Martin worked on the beautiful "From the Heart"

Pick one up!

Happy Easter

I love these ecards, so forgive the multiple posting...and the sacrilege...

Seriously though, happy good friday and easter. Wether or not you believe in a man dying on a tree to save humanity, I hope it's a chance for you to reflect on life, death and the rebirth that comes every springtime.

Happy Easter.


Forgive the name of the band...

Pretty great music video though...

Shit Disco - OK from Jo Apps on Vimeo.

My Wife is also really into the new Snoop Dogg song, Sensual Seduction. Ridiculous. The video is also pretty fantastic.

Music has no boundaries

Brilliant idea and beautiful execution for a radio station that broadcasts from both Ramallah (unofficial Palestinian capital) & Jerusalem (official Israeli capital). Music truly can bring people together.

More on Adverbox

What makes a tightwad

This article helps you understand me better as a person:

Study finds that people who are stingy report feeling emotional pain when spending money

What if celebs moved to middle-america?

They would probably look like this.

Someone's pretty good with photoshop...

Leo Burnett

There are many very nice flash sites around, but these days it's tough to stand out. Flash sites can be clunky and admittedly I've abandoned my love for them. Then I ran across the Leo Burnett site, one of the most unexpectedly excellent sites I've seen in a while. A standout in terms of usability and sheer beauty. It uses a zoomable user interface, which is dear to my heart. Surprises around every corner.

I can see why they are so remarkably successful worldwide.

Truly excellent.


Six-Word Reviews of 763 SXSW Mp3s

Surprisingly poignant reviews of SXSW artists. Each done in only 6 words. All songs effectively rated and downloadable. Really funny info graphics and charts.

Having a field day with downloads.

Next year I need to go...

Link via the super-amazing Yewknee


Leprechaun hunting

Leprechaun hunting, originally uploaded by LaurenAlane.

My friend Lauren Alane makes these charming little felt birds she sells online, and just posted a few more for St. Pattys day.

Oh Lauren, you crafty girl.

Happy St. Patricks Day

An oldie but a goodie

For when you care enough to press send

Someecards is consistently killing it. Their cards are biting, irreverent, and totally hillarious.

This one is for Lent.

They're all great (some NSFW), but check out these gems: birthday, welcome to the company, even st. patricks day

James Madison University's 100th birthday

For it's centennial celebration, JMU amassed a couple thousand people for this shot on the quad. Be sure to check it out full-size.

Here's another view.

via JMU #1 superfan, my brother David.

The ultimate design honor

Last fall I worked on a logo for FUSE, a community of Orlando Baptist Church that has a younger audience and different vibe than the traditional service.

I just found out some dude got this permanently on his arm. Woa.

I liked the logo alot. It's flexible, meaningful and I think it's pretty darn cool. Lots of good variations too. Here is the original logo pitch.

I'm not sure it translates very well to skin, but I'm still honored. I'm also thinking...what in the world have i done...

How many passes does the team in white make?

Watch the higher-quality original here

Andrew W.K. is still insane

This interview combines two of my favorite things, which also happen to be two of most ridiculous spectacles around: Andrew W.K. and the McLaughlin group.

Andrew W.K., inspired by a discourse between John McLaughlin and Pat Buchanan, created a song with the dialogue as lyrics. It proves that Andrew W.K. is still insane in the best possible way.

Link via Stereogum

Money oragami

People getting creative with their money. Love it. Stumbled upon it here.

No clue what the captions say. Hopefully nothing about ignorant americans reposting their art...

Gripping book covers

These book covers are consistently stunning. Link via my good friend Nathan, whose blog Veryness is launching soon.

Egg & Spoon

Today I ran across a super-clever logo for a company called "Egg & Spoon". Simple. Brilliant.

By Thoughtful via FormFiftyFive

Smartest Google Adword buy ever

The actual article is pretty good too...Mentions Northland, which is close to my heart.

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Running the numbers

Sometimes when we're used to hearing numbers like billion and trillion, it's hard to even fathom what t it looks like.

Well, here's what it looks like.

Stuff White People Like

Stuff White People Like is hillarious and remarkably dead-on.

Be sure to check out:
#67 Standing Still at Concerts
#64 Recycling
and #62 Knowing What's best for poor people

via yewknee


Four letters written in gold

You've probably seen it...but you should watch it again. Unreal.

Justice - DVNO

Hold a rainbow in your hand

Clever. Stumbled upon it here.

beard to no beard.

I shaved my 3 month beard for Laura on her 30th birthday. She really missed my face. I really miss the beard. Face feels bare. I look like a pinhead.

I grew it because i was inspired by Whiskerino. My brother and some good friends participated and I cheered from the sidelines. It was really interesting to see the community that arose from it. I will probably keep in touch with many of those people.