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Hobonox audio tool

Hobonox is beautiful, really well done, and I'm sure fascinating, but reminds me why i never did well in my studio production class in college.

The idea is to:
Produce your own electronic music with the Hobnox Audiotool...Choose your set-up, add, remove and arrange the devices you need and record your track to the myFiles’ section of your Hobnox account. From there, publish and share...

Love the look of the interface and like the pan-able stage (although sometimes you accidentally grab a machine when you're trying to pan around), but this is a great example of how giving people great power to control small details ends up becoming complicated and difficult. People with studio experience, however, might disagree and feel right at home. Worth checking out.

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“Duplex is an aquarium/cage favouring an improbable encounter between a bird and a fish. The aquarium is thermoformed so as to create a space where the bird can fly at the same visual level as the fish.”
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Jeremy Cowart's photography is quite good to start with, but the Awakening book project really caught my eye. He went around with the Passion world tour and captured it in breathtaking images. How can someone edit together a couple thousand photos each as stunning as the last? Looking forward to seeing this book when it comes out.

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Reflective Black Vinyl

This bike has been wrapped with this cool vinyl material which looks black, but with direct light or flash, it looks white and reflective. The video shows it off best. How cool.

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Easy PB&J Jar

Yes, Please!

Some interesting industrial design from Sherwood Forlee. His Easy PB&J Jar features a clean and simple glass jar with two lids.

The Easy PB&J Jar is a jar with two lids that allows you to access all of your peanut butter easily without having to resort to breaking open the jar. As you near the end on one side, simply flip the jar over to get the rest. The straight and smooth internal walls also ensure that no peanut butter is ever left behind a nook or cranny like existing jars.

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Q Drum

I tend to like ideas like these that generate water closer to the source, but for places where this is not possible, the Q Drum is a great, simple idea:

The idea of the Q Drum originated in response to the needs of rural people in developing countries who have a problem carrying adequate quantities of potable water from a reliable source. A burden which is generally bestowed on the women and children of each community. In Africa for example, many debilitating back and neck injuries are a result of women carrying heavy loads on their heads....
The Q Drum is user friendly and the unique longitudinal shaft permits the drum to be pulled using a rope tied through the hole. There are no removable or breakable handles or axles, and the rope can be repaired on the spot or easily replaced...

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Photoshop Interface on a billboard

street art commentary on popular images. photoshop interface pasted onto the images. love it.

Check out the full set.

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The "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks

Stuff like this cracks me up

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