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Crisis of Credit Visualizations

Fantastic visualizations of the crisis of credit

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Twestival tonight!

If there's a twestival in your town, I really encourage you to go tonight.

It's a simple meetup happening in 175+ cities around the world with the goal of raising money for an amazing cause, charity:water. My church has been supporting them for a while, and they're legit. They help build wells for people who currently drink disgusting water that they have to walk miles for. It's amazing to think about how other cultures have to live because of a lack of simple technology to dig a well. Here's more on charity:water:

charity: water for Twestival from charity: water on Vimeo.

Each Twestival is locally and volunteer run, but the one in Charlottesville is awesome. Donors have provided everything, so every single penny from even my beer purchases will go to charity:water. Basically a regular night out with all money going to help.

On the right side of the main Twestival page you can see the cities around the world that are taking part. Find your city, buy a drink, and let's get some wells dug.

(ps - if you come to the charlottesville one, you can get your grubby hands on this SICK print by publicdomain/modern mysticism)

That awful new Pepsi logo

I've got lots of thoughts on how bad the new pepsi logos are, but this guy introduced a new perspective on the unfortunate mark. This image cracks me up.

Also, if you havent seen the "Breathtaking" presentation that's been "leaked", you should check it out. It's supposedly the brief that explains the case for the shapes of the new logos...but it HAS to be a joke...right?

Pseudo-3D Video Conferencing with a Generic Webcam (Chris Harrison, Scott Hudson) - ISM '08


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Bike Lane That Travels With You

LightLane by Altitude inc

The system projects a virtual bike lane (using lasers!) on the ground around the cyclists, providing drivers with a recognizable boundary they can easily avoid. The idea is to allow riders to take safety into their own hands, rather than leaving it to the city.

Brilliant. Love this idea for so many reasons.

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Twitter Chatter During the Super Bowl

As the Steelers and Cardinals battled on the field, Twitter users across the nation pecked out a steady stream of "tweets." The map shows the location and frequency of commonly used words in Super Bowl related messages.
My favorite is when the Boss takes the stage.

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