two cents

Netflix Origami

This made me smile because we have a never ending supply of these around the house.

Happy Memorial Day!

Mama's Sauce

Mama's sauce is a design/print shop in central Florida that just blew my mind. They take great care in their print processes, and seem to truly love the art form. Refreshing.

This poster for a crawfish boil was actually printed with Old Bay seasoning mixed in with the ink! Amazing. Looks super-great too.

Here There Be Monsters

The Portfolio of Here There Be Monsters in itself is worth a post, but what really caught my attention was how they use Google Maps to present the site. The click-drag can be a little annoying, but it is a really unusual and captivating idea. Worth checking out.

Someday Is Today

I'm proud to announce the launch of Someday Is Today a collaboration between Benjamin Clyde, Aaron Martin, Shawn Romano, Northland Church and myself.

We decided to take another approach on the idea of taking overseas service trips, and focus on the things that prevent people from taking the dive. This campaign included a series of videos played during the services, and a simple website that funnels you into a trip that fits you best.

I helped with the web structure, overseeing the amazing designers (simple job) and some of the messaging.

Our vision for it starts with Northland, but could include lots of churches/ministries/organizations using the campaign and listing their trips here. If you're interested in participating, let us know.