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The Rock-afire Explosion

I seriously can't get enough of this. I remember the Rock-afire Explosion from Showbiz Pizza as a kid. Apparantly there are a bunch of these still around and it has a serious fanclub. But some guy is having the robots sing whatever song you want them to! This usher song and the mgmt song are certainly highlights. Bizarre mixed with nostalgia mixed with catchy tunes = pure gold.


There are a ton of great internet jukeboxes these days. It's hard to keep up with which are legal and which are not, but today I ran across songza, which might be one of the best of the bunch. The interface is amazing. Super simple, but works well, and allows me to listen to one while I search for another, create playlists, embed on my page, etc. Color me impressed.



Some design/technology/nerd links i've found interesting lately:

BONUS! Firefox 3 easter egg: Type "about:robots" in your address bar. Or about:mozilla or about:config (via yewknee)


The dark horse candidate this election season...

You can make your own here. Thanks, indecision 2008.


I love twitter

I love it. I didnt get it for the longest time, but like most social media, it's value is in the people on it. Sometimes you just hear about what people are up to, sometimes you get poignant thoughts, and other times it spirals into full-blown conversation.
The limited space (140 characters) forces you to be concise, and ensures you're never overwhelmed.

I follow friends, of course, but there are some others that are worth checking out - particularly rawkhawk, which does excellent record reviews in (140 characters!), CNN, which is judiciously updated, and, of course, THE ACTUAL cobra commander.

The real reason for this post is tweetwheel. It's a cool visualization of how those you follow on twitter are connected. You can check out my tweetwheel, or see your own.


the Trons - self playing robot band

"The Trons are a completely self playing robotic junk band! They are made mostly from old computer and mechanical parts and play real songs using real instruments"

more at the trons myspace.

"Requiem For A Day Off"

There are tons of these floating around, but Michael over at Yewknee clued me into this excellent Ferris Beuller one. If you're not familiar, the idea is to create a movie trailer out of an existing movie in a totally different genre. I've also included the first one I ever saw a few years ago, "Shining". Basically proves that you can edit almost anything into almost anything else. Enjoy your weekend!

Girl Talk is blowing my mind...

Seriously. Every 30 seconds my head explodes.

Recipe for an instant party - put this album on, press play.

Girl Talk (aka Gregg Gillis) just released another album of super-amazing, ass-shaking, crowd-pleasing DJ tracks. Basically he mixes every song you have ever loved into something magical. He switches it up a ton, it's always unexpected, and pretty much every time it will make you smile. As I write this he mixed busta rhymes, metallica, jay-z, tom petty, garbage, Brittney Spears, Prince, and the Beatles. And that was in a single track. The main vocal track is usually pretty hardcore rap, so if you're sensitive to language, beware.

Feed the Animals is available from you can set your own price. At different price points you get different perks. Hurry before they decide to pull it.

Ten Thousand Cents

"Ten Thousand Cents" is a digital artwork that creates a representation of a $100 bill. Using a custom drawing tool, thousands of individuals working in isolation from one another painted a tiny part of the bill without knowledge of the overall task. Workers were paid one cent each via Amazon's Mechanical Turk distributed labor tool. The total labor cost to create the bill, the artwork being created, and the reproductions available for purchase are all $100. The work is presented as a video piece with all 10,000 parts being drawn simultaneously.

You are able to see each of the 10,000 parts animated, which is really neat, along with some selected closeups here on vimeo. I found it amazing how different cultures respond to the task.
On average, a United States user spent 02:48 per segment, while China spent 23:52 per segment. Is that a reflection of our value of one cent or of our work ethic?

via ten thousand things

Mindset Six50: Electric/Solar/Gas Hybrid Car

Yes, Please

via Cool Hunting


Normally this stuff doesnt catch my eye, but Piclens is really neat. When you're on a enabled site (such as flickr, youtube, facebook, google images, etc), it shows all the photos or videos on the page in a 3d space, very quickly. I'm impressed with how super-quick it loads, and navigating is seamless and intuitive. Actually has added value for me a few times - I can quickly fly through a swath of photos and zero in on the ones I want to see. The only problem is it overlays a "play" icon over applicable photos on a website, and sometimes it gets in the way. But overall if you're interested in this sort of thing, it's definitely worth checking out.


Summer waterslide mania!

Upside down waterslide? WHAAAT!?

Super Slip-n-slide?! YES!

Apple totally rules. It's a fact. But what's the deal here?

You've probably heard that Apple launched a new GPS enabled, 3G phone today at the dirt cheap price of 199 (8gb). I'm drooling and will probably torture myself for another year waiting out my (hated) sprint contract...

But you may also have heard about their rebranded .mac product called "mobileme". It looks really cool - instant syncing across all devices, online storage, etc, but I won't be shelling out the $99/year for things other apps can do for free (dropbox, for example is a great solution for sharing files).

The real reason for this post is the branding for mobile me. Did this look immediately familiar to anyone else?

Why in the world would Apple brand this so closely to an (albeit older) flagship Microsoft product? Am I the only one that sees this?


My New Favorite Weatherman

This guy Jim Kosek is cracking me up.

Street Art

Some really creative street art by Dan Witz. I love the stuff that makes you look twice. Check out his flickr photostream, and let me know if you see one of these in person in Brooklyn!

via Chris at Useless Knowledge

punched in the face. in slomo.

Action Figure slow motion video from Stig Nordas on Vimeo.


via yewknee and nathan at veryness