two cents

A personal reflection on politics...

Why did I get back into politics?

It's dirty, it's ugly, it's dependent of flawed people and I'll never be satisfied.

Some dirt on Ron Paul came out that is frustrating and in my opinion can be justified mostly with some logical explanation. These include his history with earmarks and the newsletter scandals. Some parts of these stories are unacceptable and can't be overlooked. He has denounced, denied, what candidate is squeaky clean? I've never met one...

All that to say I can't believe i'm jumping back in head first here. I was burned by Bush, constantly defending his actions, and constantly let down. The neo-conservative platform I thought I espoused to has crumbled and I see it for what it is. Today I have a much more classically conservative, libertarian-leaning view.

But that will probably crumble also one day on the shoulders of another flawed politician who i believe in, give my vote to and am let down by again.

Does it make me a hopeful romantic? Or does it make me naive and stubborn?

I'd imagine every american feels a twinge of this...