two cents

Ron Paul

I am wrestling with seriously getting behind Ron Paul. The guy is really intriguing. He is smart, passionate, steadfast and grounded in his Constitutionalist convictions. He has great monetary and foreign policy stances. He's not playing the politics game. i think i really like him. He's willing to address the issue with the dollar that noone else is:

Watching debates and interviews with every other candidate is like watching a bad actor audition. They're all stiff, b-movie actors that wreak of just more of the same. Let me know what you think of the dude.

One great point he raises is how the government has systematically undermined churches and other charitable institutions by imposing reliance on government and doing a poor job of providing. LOVE IT.

He was interviewed by PBS' Bill Moyers last night, and it was quite good:

See Part 1 at

See Part 2 at

What do you think?