two cents


I grew up in the Church. I'm still involved to some extent. So when El Clinto posted a blog about XXX Church's mention in the "Stuff Christians Like" Blog, I took notice.

It's basically a Christian version of "Stuff White People Like" (which I posted about before). The headlines are all pretty spot on, and made for a good laugh upon initial glance. I applaud his effort to point out inconsistencies and grotesqueness in Christian culture, and I believe his heart is good. But in general, for a number of reasons (including, I suspect, an attempt to avoid coming across as judgmental) it loses all of it's bite.

I find it ironic. Like most Christian "stuff" he took something funny, relevant and popular, and put an uninspired "Christian" spin on it.

His next post should be "Christians like...taking something good and making a more bland Christian version of it."

Then again, he's taking action in a world of inaction, which should also be applauded. I just wish it wasn't done in a "He's the Real Thing" sort of way.

two cents.