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"The Mojave Experiment"

"The Mojave Experiment" is an ongoing Microsoft marketing piece where (supposedly):

"We disguised Windows Vista as codename "Mojave," the "next Microsoft OS," so regular people who've never used Windows Vista could see what it could do - and decide for themselves."

The site is pretty neat - compelling and fun to use.

I've been forced to use Vista for the past few months (thankfully using a bootcamp/parallels hybrid), and my reaction to it is mixed.

Nathan once told me that the best day of a PC owners life is the day he gets the computer - after that, it's all downhill. It tends to be the opposite with a Mac user (especially a convert).

I wonder if that's what we see here - they just show these people the flashy stuff off the bat, and people react positively to it. Or perhaps the stuff that ordinarily would be hard to find/use (which is why normal people dont feel the same as these people). As a matter of fact, I notice much of this is a demonstrator showing someone how the product works rather than the person using for themselves. I wonder if they had to do it themselves what the reaction would be.

I admit I like some of the visual elements of Vista, and some of the new tools. What is infuriating is actually having to USE it for something. That's where you see all the UI flaws that Apple has so masterfully thought through. My gut is telling me that's what we're seeing here in these reactions.

2 cents.

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