two cents

We'll See...

This is from Charlie Wilson's War in reference to the defeat of the evil Russian empire by American support of Afghanistan (including Bin Laden and the Taliban):
There a Zen Master in a small town. A boy of the town received a horse as a birthday present from his father when he was little and all the townsfolk said, "That's good". The Zen Master said, "We'll see." Then the boy fell off the horse and hurt his leg and all the townsfolks said, "That's bad". The Zen Master said, "We'll see." Then there was a war and the boy didn't have to go off and fight because of his leg, all the townsfolk said, "That's good." The Zen Master said, "We'll see...".
This has been bouncing around my brain for a few months now. Given perspective to politics, faith, God, relationships, everything.